Surveillance and Investigative Services

Our surveillance and investigative services can this work alongside each other. These services are provided by our experienced, male and female operatives with the operational experience in the surveillance and investigate world, using foot and mobile and technical surveillance, using the following methods:

  • Covert surveillance
  • Overt surveillance
  • Counter surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Static surveillance
  • Technical surveillance

This assists organizations and personnel in ensuring they are not being targeted thus minimizing the risk of fraud, dishonesty, organized crime, espionage and counter terrorism.

We are able to Advise clients that are, or have been;

  • Victims of physical and electronic surveillance.
  • Investigate personal and business situations, theft and other criminal activities.
  • Perform multi-level surveillance and counter surveillance on a number of targets in various locations.
  • Experts at providing information discreetly to the client in accordance with the individual’s needs.
  • Provide counter surveillance personnel protecting you against unwanted intrusion by members of the public and press.
  • Carry out searches of premises, residential or commercial, or vehicles for any hidden electronic bugging and tracking devices.
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Background checks

Providing irrefutable intelligence and evidence, enabling you to substantiate or disprove suspicions or growing concerns providing discreet and confidentially service.

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