Protective Surveillance Service

Our Protective Surveillance services is a means of providing a specialist covert protection and on-going surveillance, intelligence gathering and risk assessment. It provides them with unobtrusive protection whilst enabling you and your party the freedom to carry out day-to-day activities with the reassurance that your experienced and dedicated security operatives are close at hand should the worst happen.

Protective surveillance is suited for the following:

  • Individuals and family members that prefer to avoid the intrusive approach that normal close protection services provide
  • Family members who are reluctant to accept security presence
  • stalking or kidnap threats
  • Families and Individuals while travelling abroad but do not wish others to know
  • Providing additional support and cover to an Existing close protection teams operation.
  • concerned party what’s to provide security does so on their behalf, when Individuals do not want protection,
  • The presence of security could be detrimental to the business image whilst attending a sensitive meeting

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